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The School

Friendly atmosphere

The school is placed on the ground floor of a building belonging to the school itself near the city centre (only 10 minutes on foot). There is a friendly atmosphere in the school, where teachers and students work together for the only aim of teaching and learning the Spanish language in a kind and dynamic way.
As it is a familiar school the number of vacancies is quite limited and the classrooms, only for a maximum of 10 students, are designed to achieve a very comfortable atmosphere..

Teachers are expert professionals

All the teachers have the Bachelor´s degree from the University to teach Spanish as a foreign language, being expert professionals.
In the surroundings if the school you can find the Official School of Languages in Málaga, the football Stadium, boutiques, coffee shops, restaurants, cinemas, bookshops...

The school organizes excursions

The school organizes many excursions, whose prices vary depending on the student´s choice. The first visit to the city centre for those students who have just arrived, is totally free.

School photos: The School | Entrance | Reception | A classroom | Classroom toilet | A teacher with students

Top Up

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