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Beginners - Intermediate - Advanced

The courses are divided into 3 levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. At the end of the course students are given the school Certificate.

Standard course

The Standard course is made up of 2 grammar hours and 2 conversation hours. For those students signed on D.E.L.E. (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreing Language), apart from all the above mentioned there will be an hour listening and reading comprehension as well.

Official Language school

The E.O.I. course (Official Language school) focuses in the training for the official exams of spanish in the Official Language School in Málaga. These exams are taken in June and September and all the candidates must register in April.
They are divided into two levels: Elementary Stage Certificate (equivalent to intermediate level) and Advanced Stage Certificate (equivalent to advanced level).
The candidates can not enter for the Advanced Stage Certificate if they did not pass the Elementary Stage Certificate.
Both Certificates are officially and internationally valid.

Official exams from the Ministry of Education

For D.E.L.E. Certificate (official exams from the Ministry of Education) the proficiency tests are taken in the University of Málaga twice a year in May and November. It is also possible to take this exam in any college of Instituto Cervantes in Spain or abroad..

Culture course

The Culture course which will be carried out two hours a day from Monday to Friday, for the advanced levels contains Spanish festivities, gastronomy, history, geography, theatre, Spanish cinema...

Spanish Literature course

Finally we should mention that the Spanish Literature course focuses on the study of this subject from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque till nowadays along with literary commentaries. It is also made up of two hours a day five days a week.

Specific subjects

For those students who wish classes for specific subjects (Business and Tourist Spanish, Medicin, Law) the school has experienced staff. (10 students maximum, 55 minutes lessons, 5 days a week) (morning and evening hours)

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